Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Kuhlt Report : W ThinksPink

I came into the W ThinksPink event with the notion; “yes this will be great for my blog, so much networking, so much publicity…”  it was all those things and more! Sometimes you get more out of things than you ever expected. I quickly realized the scoop and the importance of the Pink Heals Foundation and The W ThinksPink event, after chatting over drinks with my wonderful survivor/model Jen Irish.  She has concurred cancer and has a fearless mentality that I adore, with a kick ass sense of humor. I learned over cocktails, why Pink Heals is great for people under 35 yrs old who are battling cancer or are survivors.

I am so thankful that I was chosen by Southern Blog Society as 1 of 10 Georgia Fashion Bloggers to assist with the styling of the models. This event was more than what I expected, the energy of the night, the ambiance, the fashion and of course the reason for the gathering; celebration of life and to show cancer who's the BOSS. W ThinksPink: Cure on the Catwalk was a great sold out event!  Here are lots of pictures to recap, special thanks to my partner in crime for snapping these shots for me. 


Surviors/models & bloggers/stylists after the runway show.

Outfit from The Impeccable Pig

Get into the detail of this Tribal Skirt; love it! 

 Jen & I trying to channel our inner supermodel

My model and cancer survivor of 5 years working the catwalk!

We concurred that catwalk with no falls. WHEW!

 Fellow cubicle junkie Nicole; thanks for supporting me!
Jack of all trades Ross York.
The Impeccable Pig family + Jen and me; thank you for the great fashions.

 And that's a wrap! Wonderful sold out event!

Well I have to run, I'm working on another major #Kuhltapproved event. I'll give you guys all the details very soon! Enjoy your Saturday!


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