Monday, April 7, 2014


Nike Air Max 90 HYP PRM iD Women's Shoe

Over the weekend I decided to do some sneaker shopping, I wanted to try out a customized pair of sneakers from Nike. I havebeen obsessing over a particular color and style for a few weeks, so I finally decided to make a purchase. I'm not really a "sneaker girl" so I needed to find something comfortable yet still stylish, as a good alternative to heels and stilettos. Customizing from Nike was fairly simple, pick your shoe and select the color of your choice. Pretty simple, right? Well for me it became a hour long process, I wanted an exact sneaker and a specific color, many of the sneakers I created didn't featured the Solar Red color option. I finally landed on the Air Max 90's and the color option was available, several customized shoe creations later.  

The only negative, I am a instant gratification type of gal, I'm fine with a few days for shipping, but these are going to take a while... 38 days to be exact. A small bonus in term of shipping is that anything over $75.00 is eligible for free shipping. So I'm currently counting down the days til my Air Max 90's arrive, 37 more to go! 

If you have some time, play around with the Nike iD feature it's pretty cool. And the idea of wearing something you customized is even cooler right? Right! 

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  1. I did this before. Thanks for reminding me. I need some new kicks

  2. These are cute. I'm not a sneaker girl either, so the ones I pick have to be fly. Good job doll.!


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