Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Cleansing

It's time for some much needed spring cleaning and I'm not referring to tidying up your home. One of my weekly beauty products is the Clarisonic Mia  facial cleanser. I have read lots of reviews on different cleansers and this one seemed to be the best, so I added it to my Christmas wishlist last year and Santa delivered. After trying my cleanser out for a few weeks I noticed my skin looked great and felt cleaner.

My normal routine is using my cleanser 3 times a week to help with blemishes and other problem areas.  I wouldn't recommend using this cleanser on a daily basis, if you have some funky things going on with your skin a dermatologist would be a better option. However, If you're looking to up your skincare regimen with a great cleaner and exfoliator check this cleanser out. 
A few of my immediate results were: 
  • My skin felt very clean
  • Blemishes were less noticeable 
  • The smoothness of my skin
  • Makeup application seemed much smoother and my makeup looked more refreshed
What are some of your skincare secrets?

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  1. I agree, I need to invest in this product 100% ... thank you for your testimonial! I'm loving your new post, super fun and informative!


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