The Fashion Kuhlt was created for the sole purpose of allowing me to scratch my creative itch. After working years in retail in various positions and getting a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Design, one would think I’d be working in fashion, right? Well… NO! I’m currently working in a cute lil cubicle; my job has absolutely nothing to do with the degree that I’m over 50K in debt over. So what do I do; create a blog, DUH!!! TFK is me taking on the phrase, “Do what you love, love what you do”. Well in my case it's "Do what you gotta do, until you can do what you love all the time." But you get my point, right?

Thanks for hanging out with me, for a small glimpse into my secret society for all things fashion. 

*which includes, basically anything that holds my interest that's sparkly, girly, glittery or colorful*

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